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Norman Andreas

Ebook 2014

A Swedish Diplomat with the Ministry of Affairs is handed a USB stick by a stranger who asks her to release it to her department.

Her part is only as a “red herring” to cover a complex plot which includes all manner of activities which we view and read of every day in our media.

The Swedish Security Service investigates with a ruthless British MI6's interest growing We have a list of semi-familiar names: Muslim Brotherhood, Europe-wide Intelligence Service, corruption, national security, global terrorism and all the latest (not yet released) technology beyond imagination. Trust no-one and run for your life. “Your friends are not who they say they are.”

It takes a little patience before arriving at the action, but if you are interested in how or what goes on behind the scenes it is worth the time.

An in depth topical read, gritty and very political. 


Reviewed by Joan Angell